Kone service tool

KONE LCEKNX connection board.

LCEKNX board KM713130G01 can be plug in to the LCECPU and LCECAN tabels in KONE:
TranSys Elevators
ReSolve Control System.

Using LCEKNX allow access to control parameters and error codes by the user interface LCE.


KM713130G01 LCE KNX


KM713110G02 LCE CAN


KONE Test tool

The device is able to unlock any kind of lifts and escalators if you can connect to the motherboard of this device.
In contrast to the previous version, has no limits (previous version unblock the lift or stairs up to 200 drives).

Description of the device:

- Input A (Pin D9) disc connected to LOPCB: PCECPU40, LCECPU591 or MAP.
- Power button is also used to open the device.
- LED light is used for diagnosis.
- Input B (Pin D9) is used to troubleshoot the connection.
- The unit is powered by a 9V battery.
- In set two cables, one for
LCECPU20 and one for LCECPU40 or LOPCB.


KM878240G02 Kone Test Tool


Kone Test Tool (200 drives)


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